Independent/Extended Laboratory Evaluation

At Paradigm Health Group, we offer extensive Laboratory Testing to assist in our evaluation of your health and well-being. These evaluations aid us is determining the cause of prevalent health issues, and provide appropriate direction for treatment.

While there are many different types of testing available to us, some examples may include evaluation of hormone balance, food allergy and sensitivity, gastrointestinal health and balance, immune status and function, nutrient levels, metabolic status or neurotransmitter function.

Laboratory / Testing Companies

Doctor’s Data · Genova Diagnostics · IGeneX · Meridian Valley Lab · Rocky Mountain Analytical 

Independent/In-Office Evaluation

Meridian Stress Assessment / Electrodermal Screening

Our first priority is to assess and treat each client as an individual; this requires our doctors to understand the source of your symptom in order to treat and restore you to peak health. Occasionally this can be a challenge and using unique technology like Meridian Stress Assessment and Electrodermal screening can help us to identify the root cause of your symptoms/illness.

These screening tools are non-invasive and painless which makes them useful for patients of any age. They can be used to identify organ efficiency, food sensitivities, the body’s toxin burden and infections among others. Additionally it can be used to tailor treatment plans for client’s specific needs and personal tolerance. By identifying your body’s particular strengths and weaknesses we can create the most efficient road to recovery as well as working towards your maintenance and peak health.

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