Lyme disease has become increasingly challenging to diagnose, making accurate and reliable testing even more essential to inform and support physician diagnoses. The two-tier ELISA/Western Blot testing recommended by the CDC uses result criteria developed in 1994 when far less was known about Lyme disease. These tests don’t provide physicians with a complete picture for accurate diagnosis.

IGeneX has developed testing that is much more accurate and sensitive, able to detect all strains and species of Borrelia.

IGeneX ImmunoBlots use recombinant proteins to detect Lyme lgM and lgG antibodies to more B. burgdorferi sensu lato species than the current Western Blot does. Prepared from two strains of B, burgdorferi, the IGeneX ImmunoBlot produces a higher sensitivity and the most comprehensive testing for Lyme disease antibodies in patient serum samples

IGeneX Lyme Disease Treatment